Our Monastery is blessed with many wonderful volunteers serving in the different aspects of its operation. We have volunteers who contribute their time and effort on a regular basis, and others only at special events. The volunteers are dedicated in their duties and altruistic in their intentions. Serving in a monastery is a way to train our minds to cherish others and eliminate our ego clinging. The monastery is a place where people come to visit with different intentions. Some are victims of physical and mental sufferings coming here to seek comfort or salvation. If we welcome them with a pure heart and show them our patience, kindness, and generosity, it will break barriers and bring joy and happiness to their lives.

There are different areas in which people can choose to volunteer according to their interests and talents. These are the Shrine Hall, the Gift Shop, the Library, the Office, the Kitchen, and Gardening. Volunteers with good motivation can help in the growth of the dharma, while at the same time make individual progress in their spiritual paths. Besides, we can also gain self-confidence as we develop skills, socialize, and have fun.