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Dharma Ebooks is a site featuring ebook editions primarily of the Buddhist canon in Tibetan, Buddhist philosophical texts from the Tibetan traditions, and practice texts. Dharma Treasure has undertaken this project in accordance with the wishes of the Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje.
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ÖSEL Magazine

The magazine, Ösel, is an extension of the Monastery's aim to uphold the lineage's precious traditions and teachings, such that we can better understand our minds and respect others. Several years ago, Dungse Lama Pema wanted to publish a magazine about the Monastery's activities. Because we engage in the Dharma in many different ways, he thought a magazine would allow people to connect to the Monastery through pictures, textual study, or prayers. He said when we see these, our impure minds can become pure, and we can develop faith and a desire to help with the Monastery's activities. Therefore, by seeing this magazine and being connected to the Monastery, one can develop great merit. Dungse Lama Pema's life wish is to help people or at the very least do no harm. As Kyabje Thrangu Rinpoche has taught, "The only real meaning that we can give to our being born on this planet – and in particular being born as human beings on this planet – and the only really meaningful result that we can show for our lives is to have helped the world: to have helped our friends, to have helped all the beings on this planet as much as we can. And if we devote our lives or any significant part of our lives to destroying others and harming others, then to the extent that we actually do so, our lives have been meaningless. So if you understand that the only real point of a human life is to help others, to benefit others, to improve the world, then you must understand that the basis of not harming others but benefiting others is having the intention not to harm others and the intention to benefit others."

OSEL Magazine 2016 issue - Luminous

ÖSEL Magazine 2016 Issue

OSEL Magazine 2015 issue - Luminous

ÖSEL Magazine 2015 Issue