Akshobhya Empowerment Given by Dungse Lama Pema ( January 29th @ 7:00 PM )

To begin the Chinese new year, our Vajra Master Dungse Lama Pema will be giving the empowerment of Akshobhya. Upon first hearing that patience was the most important quality to attain buddhahood, Akshobhya vowed, “From today onwards, until I attain buddhahood, I will not hold any intention of anger or aggression towards any sentient being, no matter who they are.” This empowerment will be an opportunity to develop our connection to the Buddha Akshobhya and develop his unshakable determination within ourselves. Like him we can use this moment to make a resolution to give up anger. By doing this, we can become a real cause for peace within our families, our society, and the universe as a whole.